Murkowski, Booker, Booker

Morning Business

Senator Murkowski: (12:14 PM)

  • Spoke on Waters of the United States.
    • "Bottom line is that the new WOTUS rule will have results that in many cases will just be absurd in Alaska and add significant, significant costs. For us, this rule is the equivalent of the roadless rule that killed off logging in the Tongas National Forest, ending hundreds of jobs. I know this is an issue many of us in this body care about, many of us in this country care about. It speaks to what we see when we have agencies that go beyond their jurisdictional authority, that go beyond the scope of the laws that were passed with good intentions. I want us to get back to that place of sane laws that allow us to have that clean air, clean water, but when we see interpretations like we have with wotus, it's Tim to stop them."


Senator Booker: (12:41 PM)

  • Spoke on Iran.
    • "I will not judge this deal before I see a final agreement and I encourage my colleagues to read that final text, as I'm sure they will, before making judgments about the deal. We need to see what is in it. Under the joint plan of action, we have seen unprecedented inspections into Iran's nuclear infrastructure take hold. Iran's enriched stockpile has, indeed, shrunk. There are limitations on their enrichment processes. And enrichment has been confined to, indeed, one facility. This is progress. It is my hope that the negotiators are building upon this progress and working towards a comprehensive final deal. There is much at stake. The bar is set high. As it should be. It is high and that for a deal, questions that I have raised are among the many that will be asked, that must be asked as we approximate examine a final in the coming weeks."


Senator Cruz: (1:20 PM)

  • Spoke on ObamaCare.
    • "We'll bring back economic growth. We'll bring back opportunity. And then we'll pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable, that keeps government from getting between us and our doctors. We will recognize that this horrible experiment has failed. And when millions of Americans lose their jobs, are forced into part-time work, lose their health care, lose their doctors, when millions of Americans see their premiums skyrocket, it's incumbent on members of this body, it's incumbent on the federal government to fix the wreckage they caused, to fix the wreckage that the Supreme Court has now embraced lawlessly. We will repeal ObamaCare, and I will fight with every breath in my body to make sure that happens in 2017."