Collins, Heinrich, Wyden

Executive Session (Vought Nomination)

Senator Collins: (5:08 p.m)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "Mr. President, I rise today to introduce the Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act which would prohibit suspected or known terrorists from legally purchasing a firearm. I would like to thank my colleague, Senator Heitkamp, Flake, Heinrich, Toomey, Baldwin, King, Nelson, mansion, and Kaine for their co-sponsorship of this bipartisan bill. I particularly want to recognize the leadership of Senator Heinrich, who has joined me on the floor this evening as we introduce the bill and explain it to our colleagues. Mr. President, often referred to as no fly no buy, this bill represents one of the sensible steps that we can take to reform our nation's gun laws to better protect our people. Our bill is based on a simple principle."


Senator Heinrich: (5:17 p.m)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "It is no secret to my constituents or even my colleagues here that I am a passionate outdoorsman, a hunter, and owner of firearms. And I strongly believe that law-abiding Americans have a right to own guns for sport and for self-defense. I am teaching my own sons how to safely, how to responsibly use those firearms. But the vast majority of Americans, including gun owners like myself, know that congress must take action to close some of the loopholes and reform our laws to keep those deadly weapons out of the hands of those who would turn them against our communities."


Senator Wyden: (5:23 p.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to Ursula Laguin.
    • "To the end she fiercely resented the constant attempts to pigeon hole her as a sci-fi author. She shattered ceilings and inspired generations of readers and authors. She is going to be missed, even as her legacy lives on. Ursula Laguin was born on October 21, 1929, in Berkley, California. Her parents were both successful anthropologists who encouraged their kids to think and to question. Exposed to mythology and science fiction at an early age, she soon grew tired of what she would later describe as white men and soldiers going forth and conquering the universe."