Whitehouse, King, Lankford

Executive Session (Bounds Nomination)

Senator Whitehouse: (4:41 p.m.)

  • Spoke on climate change.
    • "The northeast is also expected to see higher than global average sea level rise, putting our ports, fishing docks, and coastal infrastructure all at risk. Fishermen have noticed they are keenly aware of the myriad of ways climate change is altering the waters. Generations of their families have fished these waters, and they see the difference. As fishermen in Rhode Island have told me, Sheldon, things are getting weird out there. Sheldon, it's not my grandfather's ocean. They share anecdotes of catching increasing numbers of tropical fish early in the summer season and seeing fish that rarely frequented Rhode Island waters until recent years. As new fish move in and traditional fish move out, fishermen are left with more questions and answers."


Senator King: (4:54 p.m.)

  • Spoke on climate change.
    • "First I want to commend senator Whitehouse, the senator from Rhode Island, for his long-standing commitment to the issue of climate change, the well-worn poster, time to wake up. The work that he has done over the years to force us to pay attention to this issue. I am, as he indicated, going to talk about what's going on in the gulf of Maine, but I want to broaden the discussion just for a few moments to talk about the issue of climate change as a broader question before us. This isn't some environmental dream, it's not something that was invented by someone."


Senator Lankford: (5:16 p.m.)

  • Spoke on election security.
    • "Later that summer in August of 2016, the F.B.I. issued a nationwide, what they call, flash alert to every state dealing with a threat from a, quote-unquote, bad actor. The Oklahoma State Cyber Command director received that warning, as did everyone else, but at that time the F.B.I. didn't share any details because no one in my state was given security clearance to be able to have that kind of classified conversation with the F.B.I. It wasn't until September 22 of 2017, a year and a legal alien bit later, that D.H.S. actually notified my state and our state election authorities that we hadn't just been targeted by a bad actor; we had been targeted by the Russians."