Schumer, Cornyn, Carper

Executive Session (Montgomery Nomination)

Senator Schumer: (11:15 a.m.)

  • Spoke on sexual harassment in Congress.
    • "Among the other crucial reforms, the Blunt-Klobuchar legislation would do away with mandatory waiting periods that too often discourage complaints and let them languish. It would also make important changes to ensure that members of the House and Senate are held personally accountable and liable if they have committed harassment. So I want to commend Senators Klobuchar and blunt who worked with many members, including Senators Gillibrand, Murray, McCaskill, Feinstein, Harris, and Cortez Masto for putting this together."
  • Spoke on the Mueller investigation.
    • "They are hunting desperately for any scrap of information for innuendo that might help them sully the investigation or to provide them a sneak peek at any evidence the F.B.I. may have against the Trump campaign. If they have - if they have to distort and spread falsehoods about what is revealed in any meaning, they will, and for the president of the United States to pressure the Justice Department to reveal details and documents pertaining to an active investigation of the president's campaign for the purpose of denigrating it is a gross and unprecedented abusive of power, unlike any we have seen in a very long time."
  • Spoke on gas prices.
    • "When gas prices go through the roof, it eats away at a family's income, leaving less to cover the cost of anything else. Groceries, medicine, tuition, a nice summer vacation which families cherish. Recent data suggests that gas prices are about to climb even higher this summer, and experts suggest that actions and inactions on the part of the trump administration are a major piece of that story. According to energy analysts and experts, president trump's decision to pull out of the Iran deal led to higher oil prices, and OPEC has decided to cut production, also raising prices."


Senator Cornyn: (11:41 a.m.)

  • Spoke on CFIUS.
    • "The jurisdiction of this Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States hasn't been updated in more than 40 years, and bad actors, like China, continue to exploit gaps in the process to acquire sensitive national security know-how as well as military and dual-use technology from U.S. companies. Now I want to be quick to say this is not about labeling foreign investment in the United States as bad. That's not true. Foreign investment is by and large a very good thing. But when our laws are being exploited to target cutting-edge, dual-use technology that has national security applications, that is a matter of, as my words suggest, national security. Not about banning or labeling foreign investment as being bad."


Senator Carper: (11:58 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
    • "Madam President, during the 2016 presidential campaign, our democracy was attacked by a foreign adversary. No shots were fired. No bombs were dropped. But let me be as clear as I can be. Russia attacked the United States of America using sophisticated cyberwarfare, Russia interfered in our electoral process. As they have in other western democracies, Russia borrowed from their tried and true playbook. Russian internet trolls posed as American citizens on Facebook and on Twitter. Russian shell companies funded political propaganda online, all with the intent of pitting us against one another and spreading misinformation among the American electorate. We also know that our nation's election infrastructure was targeted by the Kremlin and that Russian cyber attacks penetrated voting machines in some of our states."