Hatch, Corker, Casey

Motion to Discharge the rescissions package (H.R. 3)

Senator Hatch: (12:01 p.m.)

  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "But as one journalist recently put it and are noted, tax reform has poured, quote, jet fuel, unquote on a growing economy. According to the most recent reports in June, the total number of workers receiving unemployment benefits is running at the lowest levels in 44 years. And that is just in terms of numbers of people drawing unemployment benefits, not even taking into account the massive population growth since December 1973. For the first time since recordkeeping began in 2000, the number of available positions exceeded the number of job seekers, according to the information from the department of labor. And this is just the initial boost. I tend to think that positive economic outcomes are most often created by hard work and good policy like our tax reform package."


Senator Corker: (12:08 p.m.)

  • Spoke on tariffs.
    • "The administration by citing 232, a national security issue is taxing goods coming in to America from Canada, from Europe, our allies on a national security basis. Today I wrote a letter to Secretary Ross, our secretary of commerce, because it's my understanding and he actually today, I guess, in a hearing with the finance committee said there were 22,506 requests from companies here in the United States asking for exclusions, exclusions on them being taxed for goods that come in to support their companies. Now, I will just say to my friends here, on what basis do we think these exclusions might be granted. I mean, we've already had an abuse of authority in using 232."


Senator Casey: (12:12 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "But until we know that, we have to continue to urge the president to do the right thing. Earlier this week the department of homeland security released data showing that between May 5 and June 9, just a little more than a month, 2,342 children were taken from their parents at the border. That's about 70 children per day taken from their parents. I've received thousands of e-mails and letters and phone calls from concerned Pennsylvanians who are demanding an immediate end to the policy. I never imagined that I would have to stand here today, nor should anyone, to talk about a scenario where the United States government is separating children from their parents at the border. That just seems incomprehensible that that would ever happen, but it has."