Flake, Perdue, Coons, Whitehouse

The minibus appropriations bill (H.R. 6147)

Senator Flake: (7:06 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Russian election meddling.
    • "Mr. President, last week the senator from Delaware, Senator Coons, and I introduced a resolution commending the Department of Justice for its investigation in the 2016 presidential election and maintaining that the Russian Federation should be held accountable for its actions. This simple resolution simply expressing support for our intelligence community and showing them that we are behind them and that we agree with them, we have trust in them, and that we reject the words of a dictator, Vladimir Putin, who denies that - that they interfered at all."


Senator Perdue: (7:07 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Russian election meddling.
    • "Reserving the right to object. We need to focus on funding the federal government and confirming this president's nominees. Right now we have just 23 working days the way the Senate operates between now and the end of the fiscal year, 23, Mr. President. Meanwhile we have 329 nominees. These are presidential nominees waiting for this body to confirm them. We need to stay on track. This resolution is nor more than - no more than political theater. This resolution was previously objected to by Senator Cornyn just last week. It will continue to be objected to again because it is unnecessary."


Senator Coons: (7:11 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Russian election meddling.
    • "Mr. President, I just want to offer my response to the very disappointing renewed objection that Senator Flake and I have attempted to move through this body twice. Last week Senator Flake and I came to speak clearly in support of our intelligence community and state that Russia's attacks on our democracy will not be tolerated and we will take action in a firm, bipartisan, and swift way. Some have said this is a simple or symbolic message, and I'll say there are powerful symbols that motivate our nation, like our flag, that although symbolic are substantive in their consequences."


Senator Whitehouse: (7:16 p.m.)

  • Spoke on climate change.
    • "One obstacle to action on the threat that we face from climate change, however, is the manufactured doubt that so often surrounds this issue. We find this manufactured doubt a fossil fuel industry product, just as oil and gas are fossil fuel industry products flowing even from the editorial page of one of our nation's leading publications, "The Wall Street Journal." Whenever the issue is harmful industrial pollutants, "The Wall Street Journal's" editorial page has a long record of misleading its readers, denying the legitimate science, and even ignoring its own news reporting. All for the polluting industries."