Cornyn, Blumenthal, Peters

The NDAA (H.R. 5515)

Senator Cornyn: (11:50 a.m.)

  • Spoke on North Korea.
    • "President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, National Security Advisor Bolton and the rest of the American delegation are to be congratulated for having this meeting. It was an historic first step, and I applaud president trump for taking it. But I reiterate, it was a first step. To me, it reminds me of boxers entering the ring and touching gloves before the fight begins. It's a warmup for something longer and much more difficult. We need to remain clear-eyed about who we're dealing with and not assume that there isn't hard work to be done. As one commentator recently put it, North Korean duplicity is normal. We need to remind ourselves of our own history of negotiating with North Korea and our counterpart's record of saying one thing and simply doing another."


Senator Blumenthal: (12:01 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "On this Flag Day, and at the beginning of the Father's Day Weekend, I ask that this body approve an amendment that very simply would issue and direct the postmaster to deliver a forever stamp commemorating the sacrifice and loss of our Gold Star families. All of us in this body have attended funerals. We have seen firsthand the losses suffered by the brave Americans - their families, their loved ones, their friends, their dads, and their moms. And all of us ought to be joining in paying tribute to those families by directing the Postmaster General to issue a forever stamp that will be valid for whatever time it is used."


Senator Peters: (12:21 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "The Detroit Arsenal in Warren will be the home of the Army's cross-functional team for the next generation combat vehicle reporting to the Army's Futures Command. This important work on developing the future of the Army's ground vehicle will continue to occur in southeast Michigan, taking advantage of many of the automotive manufacturers and suppliers that are shaping the future of mobility. Just as the commercial auto motive industry is developing connected and autonomous vehicles which will change the future of transportation forever, the next generation combat vehicle and other concepts developed by the Army's Tank Automotive Research and Development and Engineering Center will change the future of warfare."