Schumer, Toomey

The minibus appropriations bill (H.R. 5895)

Senator Schumer: (10:29 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "As the Senate continues to consider appropriations bills here on the floor, I want to thank Chairman Shelby and Ranking Member Leahy for their hard work. The Republican leader and I have both committed to work through appropriations in a bipartisan way, through regular order, something the Senate hasn't achieved in sometime. Chairman Shelby and Ranking Member Leahy are leading the way."
  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "I've seen the pictures of these tiny little girls with forlorn looks on their faces and they are being placed into what is called tender-aged facilities. That is an Orwellian term if there ever was one. Others have been shuttled to foster homes. A 5-year-old sent hundreds of miles away from his or her parents. What kind of country are we? Now, yesterday the president signed an executive order which made it 100% clear what Democrats have been saying, that the president can fix this problem on his own, and that's correct. The president vindicated everything we have been saying and undid everything he has been saying when he said only Congress can fix this problem and, of course, he made it partisan."
  • Spoke on China.
    • "So I urge President Trump to stay strong on China. At the first sign of complaint, we turn, China will know they can push us over and the number of jobs that we will lose - the amount of wealth that we will lose will far exceed the kinds of damage that these tariffs might do. Don't mistake my support for -- but don't please don't mistake my support on this for the president to be reckless offer as an endorsement of what the president is doing to our allies, the tariffs against our European and Canadian allies are poorly timed."
  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "In the past week, "The Washington Post" reported that wages aren't just flat, they are falling for a strong majority of American workers. According to a recent analysis by just capital only 7% of the capital allocated by the tax bill savings have gone to employees, 57% have gone to shareholders. Just what we Democrats predicted. When the vast majority of the tax cuts go to the very wealthy, the largest and most powerful corporations, the average worker sees very little gain, trickle down, certainly a smaller proportion of the gain than the cut."


Senator Toomey: (10:43 a.m.)

  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • " It remains a mystery to me how our Democratic colleagues and Senate minority leader can somehow think it's a bad thing when the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in more than 18 years. And it's not just the overall unemployment rate. The African American unemployment rate in May was 5.9%. 5.9%. That is the lowest rate ever recorded since we started breaking out different ethnic groups in the unemployment numbers. The Hispanic unemployment rate very close to an all-time record low at 4.9%. Another amazing statistic that came out in this May jobs report is we now have more job openings in America, 6.7 million, than all of the unemployed people."