Lankford, Inhofe, Klobuchar, Peters

Executive Session (Bridenstine Nomination)

Senator Lankford: (11:50 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of James Bridenstine to be NASA Administrator.
    • "He's months and months gone through process, gone through committee hearings, gone through all kinds of support. The committees he served in in the House of Representatives in a bipartisan letter with wide majorities to the senate saying we've worked with Jim Bridenstine. He's exceptionally knowledgeable about issues on space. He's a great choice and they sent that letter over from the House to the Senate. Multiple individuals have written letters in support of Jim Bridenstine, including Sean O'Keefe, who is the former NASA administrator, Buzz Aldren also sent extensive support for Jim including a remarkable op-ed and the support for him."


Senator Inhofe: (11:58 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of James Bridenstine to be NASA Administrator.
    • "I was on the committee that went through confirmation. I've never heard so many things. One thing they all had in common was, none of them knew Jim Bridenstine. My associate talked about a smear campaign. I've never seen a smear campaign like that. I've never seen so much hatred and for no reason at all. I think the two of us know Jim Bridenstine well. In fact, he holds the first congressional district in the state of Oklahoma. That was my seat. I held that seat for eight years. And of course I've gotten to know him very well since that time and the things that have been said about him, I just -- again, the one thing they have in common, they just don't know him and haven't learned to -- didn't want to know him. So we have an administrator I think is going to do a good job."


Senator Klobuchar: (12:00 p.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to Prince.
    • "Mr. President, I come to the senate floor today to remember a Minnesota icon, and that would be prince who we lost two years ago. Prince was a one-of- a-kind artist. I grew up with his music. I was our superstar next door. He made "Purple Rain" a household name and brought fame to Minnesota's music scene. Minnesota loved prince and prince loved Minnesota. He was born in Minneapolis in 1958 and developed an interest in music at an early age. He wrote his first song at 7 years old and recorded his Demo tapes at sound studio."
  • Spoke on bringing infants on the Senate floor.
    • "Madam President, I also rise today to discuss Senate resolution 463, a resolution passed by the senate yesterday that will allow senators to bring and their infant children on to the Senate floor. Several of my colleagues will join me to discuss the importance of passing this resolution, and I would like to take a moment to thank some of them because without their hard work and support this resolution would not pass."


Senator Peters: (12:07 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of James Bridenstine to be NASA Administrator.
    • "I am concerned this administration does not respect science, especially science in government institutions. Let's look at the data. The office of Science and Technology Policy has four positions requiring political appointment, including the director who serves as the president's chief science advisor. The president has made zero nominations to OSTP and has taken significantly longer than any other modern president to name advisor. Let's look at it compares to past administrations on both sides of the aisle. Canada, Nixon, Clinton all named a science advisor before they took office. Carter and Reagan and George H.W. Bush chose one in the first year, and president bush chose one in June of his first year of presidency."