Inhofe, Wyden

Morning Business

Senator Inhofe: (5:26 PM)

  • Spoke on Senator Rounds.
    • "Over-regulations are the greatest problem. Single one out, endangered species, another one, the waters of the United States, the waters of the United States currently we're doing legislation and it's legislation that's going to get that burden off of the people from South Dakota and Oklahoma and right now, right now we're considering the most expensive of all the regulations, that's the ozone regulations. It would constitute the greatest single increase in expenditures or taxes of anything in the history of this country. So it's nice to know that we have someone who is so committed to the goals of this committee to be singling this out in a maiden speech as the greatest concern."


Senator Wyden: (5:40 PM)

  • Spoke on the Oregon wildfires.
    • "This is urgent business because the west has got to be in a position to clear these hazardous fuels and get out in front of these increasingly dangerous and ominous fires. We've got to end - we've got to end this cycle of catastrophic wildfires in the west. It is long past time for action here. And I urge colleagues to join Senator Crapo and I to work with us and our staff so that this body moves, and moves quickly to fix this problem. There's an awful lot of uncertainty when it comes to calculating the federal budget. But what we know for sure - for sure - is that this problem of wildfires in the west is getting increasingly serious. The fires are bigger, the fires are hotter, they last longer. And it's time to budget for reducing this problem in a sensible way."