Flake, Schumer, Gardner

Executive Session (Stras Nomination)

Senator Flake: (10:30 a.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to Elder Von Keech.
    • "His career was devoted to defending religious liberty for all religious institutions. His insight was particularly salient during this ever-changing world. As his daughter Stephanie said, he wanted to defend and support all churches and all religious beliefs and all people's right to believe and act in a way that they feel is right. That was a big part of his work. Mr. President, I consider it a privilege to have worked alongside Elder Keech over the past several years. I was able to witness firsthand the love he had for his wife, the pride he had in his children, and the devotion he had for the gospel of Jesus Christ."
  • Spoke in tribute to a member of his staff.
    • "Ed was invaluable to my staff during last year's tax reform debate. "The Washington Post" honored his contributions to Congress saying, quote, quietly and intelligently Mr. Lerenzen provided reliable fiscal information especially when facts and figures were the last thing wishful thinkers in Washington or the government wanted to face. The committee for a responsible federal budget where Ed served as senior advisor said, quote, he was a brilliant budget mind. His guidance and expertise is a void that cannot be filled, unquote."


Senator Schumer: (10:38 a.m)

  • Spoke on tonight's State of the Union Address.
    • "The president will be eager to defend the accomplishments of his nascent administration and take credit for a healthy American economy, pointing to low employment, job growth, and a soaring stock market. But the truth is these trends were present before Donald Trump took office. President Trump was handed an already healthy economy by his predecessor. Like many things in his life, he inherited the healthy economy. Here are two words we won't hear President Trump say tonight about the economy - thanks, Obama - because much of the growth in 2017 was created by President Obama's policies and by many measures the growth under President Obama was better than under President Trump."


Senator Gardner: (11:00 a.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to Deputy Heath Gumm.
    • "He grew up in a family of first responders. His father is a retired west metro fire protection engineer. His teachers and classmates that knew heath as a student in Denver at high school were not shocked to learn he had decided to become a law enforcement officer. As reported by "The Denver Post," Heath's ninth grade English teacher said by all accounts, he lived his life as a grown man as he did as a kid. He was a good guy. That didn't change. That only got more accentuated as he grew up. He lifted his friends. He made his friends the best version of themselves, and he did that to them as well. And Heath's cousin remembered him as the kind of man you wanted out there protecting our streets. He was kind, fair, funny, and friendly to everyone."