Ensign: No Bailout for Trial Lawyers

Washington, D.C. – Senator John Ensign today commented on the Democrats’ so-called Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay bill, which should be named the Trial Lawyer Bailout bill.  The Senate considered this legislation today.  Ensign’s statement is below.
“Just this week we witnessed an historic Inauguration, and President Barack Obama urged Congress to put the right policies in place to get the economy going.  It’s clear that this is domestic priority number one because families are hurting, especially in my home state of Nevada.
“The plan that Democrats are pushing for their lawyer friends will do the exact opposite.  It will kill jobs, not create jobs.  I believe in ensuring fair pay.  I voted for an amendment today that is a better approach because it protects workers who were discriminated against without bringing down small businesses.
“I owned a small business.  This bill would increase employer costs dramatically, so dramatically that it will crush small businesses across the country.  Small businesses simply cannot afford to ‘lawyer up’ and fight back against the lawsuit open season that this bill creates.
“All economic recovery comes from small businesses, not large business.  History has shown us that.  So why would we put policies in place that will harm the economic engine that will drive us out of this downturn?  We shouldn’t.
 “Our country needs more jobs, not more lawsuits.”