The Victory Lap That Wasn't

 Higher costs, fewer choices continue to hurt Americans:

  • USA Today: Sen. Coburn: Obamacare cuts choices, not costs
  • Reuters: U.S. insurers fear backlash over new Obamacare rate increases

 Democrats say (or don’t say) the darnedest things:

  • BenefitsPro: Gibbs predicts employer mandate will be killed
  • Daily Caller: Pelosi won’t run on Obamacare: ‘While we’re proud of the Affordable Care Act, we now pivot to jobs’
  • The Hill: Sebelius has awkward on-air exchange
  • BuzzFeed: Networks Snub Obama On Primetime Health Care Address

 Dems can run from ObamaCare, but they can’t hide from the pain it’s causing …  

  • Roll Call: Democrats Facing Political Fallout on Medicare
  • Bloomberg: Fight or Flight: Democrats Mull Health-Care Law Messages
  • Politico: Vulnerable Democrats still wary of Obamacare
  • The Hill: Dems ask Obama to stop health cuts
  • Forbes: Op-Ed: Health Insurance Mandate’s So Unpopular Democrats Are Accusing Republicans Of Supporting It

 Yep, still not buying it …

  • CBS News: As deadline arrives, Americans still disapprove of Obamacare
  • National Journal: 15-20 Percent Aren’t Paying Obamacare Premiums, Insurer Says

 Like shopping on Not even close.

  • Politico: Obamacare in Oregon: Failed exchange
  • Los Angeles Times: For faulty state exchanges, big decisions loom about healthcare law
  • Washington Post: Maryland set to replace troubled health exchange with Connecticut’s system

 More insight into the ObamaCare folly:

  • Forbes: How Well Is Obamacare Covering The Uninsured? A Glass Half Empty Moment
  • ABC 10 – San Diego: Local couple upset after receiving pre-marked voter registration card from Covered California