Things Americans Aren’t Thankful For: Dropped Coverage and Higher Premiums

Cancellations continue to pile up:

  • Breitbart: CBS News: White House Knows Millions More Insurance Cancellations Coming
  • Weekly Standard: Employer Forced to Terminate Cancer Victim’s Health Care Due to Obamacare 
  • CBS News: Woman Battling Kidney Cancer Losing Company Health Plan Due to Obamacare
  • Las Vegas Sun: Small business have their own issues with Affordable Care Act rollout in 2014
  • NBC News: Large employers cite Obamacare ‘Cadillac’ tax in reducing benefits
  • KTVQ: Linden warns of possible problems with healthcare law

Standing tall or running scared?

  • Politico: Democrats worry leaders in denial on Obamacare
  • Politico: As deadline nears, ticking clock on Democratic patience
  • Washington Free Beacon: Sen. Hagan Repeatedly “Ducked The Question” About Her Own Broken Obamacare Promise  
  • CNN/ORC Poll: Democrats lose 2014 edge following Obamacare uproar
  • Business Insider: The Disastrous Launch Of Obamacare Has Caused A Remarkable Collapse In Democratic Poll Numbers

New deadline, familiar problems:

  • Washington Examiner: Obama administration: will ‘not work perfectly’ Dec. 1
  • ABC News: Deadline Nears to Fix Obamacare Website, Warnings of Glitches Persist
  • Huffington Post: Obamacare Agency Rushed To Hire Contractor, Documents Reveal
  • Washington Post: contractor had high confidence but low success
  • The Hill: Report: O-Care contractor overconfident
  • Fox News: Administration launches program to let users circumvent
  • The Denver Post: Board strife as Colorado exchange far behind projected enrollment
  • KIRO: Frustration grows over Washington Health Exchange call center
  • Politico: Oregon’s Obamacare sign-up is an ‘epic failure’
  • Washington Examiner: Survey finds doctors rebelling against Obamacare, famous hospitals declining to join
  • USA Today: Health law outreach to Asian Americans lags
  • MedCity News: Asian-Americans facing Obamacare enrollment challenges because of language, cultural differences

Obama and ObamaCare: From bad to worse

  • The Hill: Flailing Obama needs health fix
  • The Atlantic: Obama Keeps Delaying Parts of the Law He Fought to Not Delay
  • Bloomberg: Obama Nightly Reading Reveals Angst About Health-Site Fix
  • The Hill: Fewer people say Obama can govern effectively
  • Yahoo! News: More Americans say Obama can’t manage government, poll shows
  • Bloomberg: Obamacare Fiasco Erodes Government as Problem-Solver Idea

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