EVERY Day Means Bad Luck Under ObamaCare

 A frightening rise in health care costs:

  • The Hill: Survey: Employers fear O-Care costs
  • Washington Post: CareFirst proposes hefty rate increases; Kaiser cuts rates for individual health plans
  • Daily Caller: Tax Expert: Obamacare Screw-ups To Make Next Tax Season ‘Most Chaotic In Years’
  • San Jose Mercury-News: Obamacare wrinkle: California bill seeks to reduce state’s seizure of Medi-Cal recipients’ assets
  • Fox News: ObamaCare penalty to hit one million low-income Americans

 Feeling jinxed:

  • USA TODAY: More patients flocking to ERs under Obamacare
  • Forbes: Under Obamacare’s “Closed Formularies” Patients With Serious Chronic Diseases like MS Don’t Get Access to Vital Medicines
  • Forbes: Federal Bungling of ObamaCare Verification Creating Nationwide Chaos in Medicaid Departments
  • Fox News: Fox News Poll: Voters regret ObamaCare, say country is worse off under new law
  • Forbes: Voters Won’t Forget About Obamacare In November

 A nightmare for small businesses:

  • Bloomberg: Workers Get Few Choices Under Small-Business Obamacare
  • Politico: SHOP flop: Obamacare for small businesses
  • The Hill: New O-Care delay allowed for 18 states
  • Daily Caller: Obama Admin Approves Another Year-long Delay For Obamacare Small Business Exchanges
  • Fox Business: Another Delay For ObamaCare Small Business Exchanges