Vitter Urges Senate to Act Now on Legislation to Lower Gasoline Prices

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today called for the Senate to move to legislation to address rising fuel costs as its next item of business instead of a foreign aid bill as planned. 

          “Instead of moving to a bloated foreign aid bill as the top priority of U.S. Senate business, let’s for once act in a timely manner and begin immediately debating and voting on the most pressing issue on the minds of most Americans,” said Vitter.

          Vitter called for the unanimous consent of the Senate to move to a legislation package that would increase supply and reduce the price of gasoline and energy across America.  Part of this package incorporates Vitter’s stand alone bill, the Energy Needed Offshore Under Gas Hikes Act, which would trigger increased energy exploration off a state’s coast once the price of regular gasoline reaches $5 a gallon and the host state requests it.

          “I tried again today to bring legislation to the floor that would increase our energy supply through drilling on our Outer Continental Shelf as well as still promote important conservation measures, but again that move was blocked by the Democratic majority,” added Vitter. 

          Vitter’s call was objected to with the explanation that the Democratic majority was working on an energy bill that would be brought up at some point in the future.

          “While I was glad to learn that the Democratic majority plans to act on rising fuel costs at some point down the road, it’s a shame that they don’t have the sense of urgency to act immediately,” Vitter said.  “Louisianans – and the entire country – are tired of these fuel costs, and we need to act now.”

          Vitter previously offered an amendment similar to the ENOUGH Act to this year’s budget conference report in the U.S. Senate that received 44 votes of support.