Bond Urges Congress to Act Now to Ease Pain at the Pump

Senator to Use Appropriations Committee to Increase Domestic Energy Supply


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Kit Bond today joined his Republican colleagues, energy producers and scientific experts at an energy forum on record high pain at the pump and the need to pass comprehensive legislation like the Gas Price Reduction Act to help struggling families now.




            “Families and workers are suffering from record high pain at the pump and they need our help now to get gas prices down,” said Bond.  “We need to get real about our energy future.  We need comprehensive energy policies that ‘find more and use less.’”



Bond, who has traveled across Missouri talking to families and small businesses about the current energy crisis, stressed the need to pass immediately legislation that will lower gas prices, like the Gas Price Reduction Act.  This comprehensive plan, which Bond co-sponsored, will increase production, increase conservation and address speculation abuses.  Bond emphasized that any plan that will make a difference for the American people, make a difference in lowering gas prices, must address these three elements: production, conservation and speculation.



            Congress must first get real about increasing production of energy right here at home.  America’s families and workers have 1 million barrels of oil per day waiting for them in the deep waters off our shores and 3 times more oil than all of Saudi Arabia waiting for us in oil shale deposits under the Rocky Mountains.  The Gas Price Reduction Act will reduce prices by allowing us to get that oil, Bond pointed out.



            It is also critical to invest in clean-energy and energy-conservation technology.  Bond added that through American domestic mass production of hybrid car batteries – like at the Ford plant in Kansas City, Missouri – we have the potential to put a hybrid car or truck in every garage. 



            Bond noted Washington finally seems to be listening to the cries of the American people.  While some Congressional Democrats have indicated their support for a bipartisan and comprehensive energy plan, Bond warned that time is running out.  Bond pledged that if a common-sense, comprehensive energy plan to help ease Americans’ pain at the pump is not adopted soon he will be forced to act.  Bond, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee will offer an amendment to end the federal offshore leasing moratorium when the committee marks-up the Interior Appropriations bill in two weeks. 



            “Our friends on the other side of the aisle have signaled that they might agree to open up new production from offshore oil and gas reserves.  I’m just sorry it took the family pain and suffering of $4 dollar gas to do it,” said Bond.  “But, time is running out for Congress to pass a comprehensive plan to address record high gas prices.  The American people deserve action from us in individual areas such as the outdated and punitive offshore leasing moratorium.”