Obama Tells Americans: “Move On”

 If only it were that easy …

  • Daily Caller: Obamacare taxes add BILLIONS to rising premiums
  • Fox News: Survey shows ObamaCare sending premiums rising at fastest clip in decades
  • New York Post: Brain patient: ObamaCare makes it hard to find doctors, meds
  • Weekly Standard: Dozens of Widows Dropped from Health Care Due to Obamacare in Alabama

 Hiding something?

  • The Hill: O-Care data is muddied by Census
  • Mediaite: Census Bureau Changes Health Care Survey Questions Hiding Effects of Obamacare

 The American people still aren’t buying it:

  • Gallup: Americans Remain Negative Toward Healthcare Law
  • Gallup: Newly Insured in 2014 Represent About 4% of U.S. Adults

 Dems can run, but can’t hide:

  • Breitbart: Democrat: Voters ‘Frustrated and Embarrassed’ by ObamaCare
  • Boston Herald: U.S. Rep Stephen Lynch on Obamacare’s election toll: It’ll bury Dems
  • CNN: In the Virginia woods, Mark Warner is trailed by Obamacare
  • Townhall.com: Awkward: Senate Democrat Stumbles Over Obamacare Talking Points

For additional information, visit ObamaCare: Four Years of Broken Promises.