Tax Hike Déjà Vu

  • President Obama proposed the sequester and insisted it become law.
  • At the 11th hour, Senate Democrats today proposed to replace the president's sequester with another gimmicky, designed-to-fail tax hike bill.
  • Republicans believe there are better ways than the president's sequester to lower the deficit, but don't support replacing spending cuts with tax hikes.
  • Just seven weeks after taxes went up on Americans, Democrats are now proposing billions of dollars in additional taxes.
  • While Democrats sat on their hands and waited until the last minute, Republicans offered serious, credible solutions months ago to offset the president's sequester without raising taxes on hard-working Americans.
  • Congressional Republicans have twice passed legislation to replace the president's sequester with more targeted spending reforms.
  • Americans understand that Washington doesn't tax too little, it spends too much.