Lugar: Department of Energy grants available for biofuels, electric vehicles, batteries

Wednesday, May 13, 2009




U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar welcomed grant opportunities available through the U.S. Department of Energy for biofuels, electric vehicles and batteries.
“Energy security is national security. Our first priority must be to break America’s oil addiction. Innovative transportation technologies like biofuels and electric vehicles promise solutions, and Indiana stands to lead the nation and the world in this effort,” said Lugar.
Questions regarding the federal grants application process may be directed to Andrew Mills, Grants Coordinator for Lugar, by phone at 202-224-4814 or by email at
The $786.5 million in Recovery Act funding is a mix of new funding opportunities and additional funding for existing projects. It will be allocated across four main areas and can be found via accessing this link at
  • $480 Million Solicitation for Integrated Pilot and Demonstration-Scale Biorefineries
    Projects selected under this Funding Opportunity Announcement will work to validate integrated biorefinery technologies that produce advanced biofuels, bioproducts, and heat and power in an integrated system, thus enabling private financing of commercial-scale replications.
  • $176.5 Million for Commercial-Scale Biorefinery Projects
    $176.5 million will be used to increase the federal funding ceiling on two or more demonstration or commercial-scale biorefinery projects that were selected and awarded within the last two years.
  • $110 Million for Fundamental Research in Key Program Areas
    The Biomass Program plans to use $110 million to support fundamental research in key program areas, distributed in the following manner:
·         Expand the resources available for sustainability research through the Office of Science Bioenergy Research Centers and establish a user-facility/small-scale integrated pilot plant ($25 million)
·         Create an advanced research consortium to develop technologies and facilitate subsequent demonstration of infrastructure-compatible biofuels through a competitive solicitation ($35 million)

·         Create an algal biofuels consortium to accelerate demonstration of algal biofuels through a competitive solicitation ($50 million).

  • $20 Million for Ethanol Research
    The Biomass Program is planning to use $20 million of the Recovery Act funding in a competitive solicitation to achieve the following:
·         Optimize flex-fuel vehicles operating on high octane E85 fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline blend)
·         Evaluate the impact of higher ethanol blends in conventional vehicles
·         Upgrade existing refueling infrastructure to be compatible with fuels up to E85.
Electric Vehicles
The DOE is seeking applications for grants to establish development, demonstration, evaluation, and education projects to accelerate the market introduction and penetration of advanced electric drive vehicles. DOE’s goal is for the vehicles and electric technologies to achieve a fast market introduction and reach high volume production. A key objective of the OVT program is to accelerate the development and production of various electric drive vehicle systems to substantially reduce petroleum consumption. One of the electric drive technologies that will be emphasized in this project are Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Areas of interest:
·        Electric Drive Vehicle Demonstration and Evaluation.
·        Transportation Sector Electrification
·        Combined Proposals for Area of Interest 1 and 2
·        Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program
Interested applicants should follow the steps below:
1.      Go to:  
2.      Click on: Search Public Opportunities and Awards
3.      Under search criteria select reference number, and type the FOA number - (DE-FOA-0000028)
Batteries & Electric Vehicle Components
The DOE is accepting grant applications for advanced battery and component manufacturing. The Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will seek applications for grants authorized under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (section 136), and supports the construction of U.S. based battery manufacturing infrastructure for Lithium-ion and other advanced batteries used in electric drive vehicles (EDVs). The goal is to enable production of various electric vehicle technologies by lowering the cost of battery packs for EDV batteries through high-volume manufacturing and to create a domestic battery manufacturing capability to support broad implementation of new hybrid and EDVs.
Prospective applicants will be required to apply to at least one of the following areas of interest:
·        Construction of Cell and Battery Pack Manufacturing Facilities;
·        Construction of Advanced Battery Material Supplier Manufacturing Facilities; or
·        Construction of Advanced Battery Recycling/Refurbishing Facilities
Applications that are ready for immediate initiation will receive higher priority in the evaluation process. These applications would provide evidence of mature design, site agreements, site licensing and permitting, appropriate environmental certifications, partner commitments, supplier commitments, customer commitments, manufacturing plans and processes, and manufacturing equipment availability.
Interested applicants should follow the steps below:
  1. Go to:  
  2. Click on: Search Public Opportunities and Awards
  3. Under search criteria select reference number, and type the FOA number - (DE-FOA-0000026)
Applications for this grant must be accessed, completed and submitted through by Thursday, March 15, 2007. When finished, applicants should call the Helpdesk at 1-800-518-4726 to verify successful registration.