Forty Minutes

Obama buries ObamaCare mention nearly 40 minutes into SOTU. Is it any wonder why? 

  • Washington Post : Health-care law loses support among uninsured, poll shows 
  • Sacramento Bee: Poll finds Californians not thrilled with Obama, health care law 
  • Fox News: Labor unions ‘bitterly disappointed’ with proposed ObamaCare regulations

Sticker shock continues: 

  • The Blaze: ‘Wake Up, America’: Small Business Gets Hammered by Obamacare Costs 
  • Fox News: President ignores ObamaCare horror stories as human, financial costs pile up 
  • Washington Times: Obamacare mandate jeopardizes hours, pay for millions of part-timers, study says

Doc shock continues: 

  • Politico: Obamacare: Tom Coburn loses cancer doctor 
Many left behind: 
  • Boston Globe: Uninsured left without health coverage despite paying state 
  • Weekly Standard: Sick Kids Denied Specialty Care Due to Obamacare in Washington 
  • WSMV-TV: Some finding coverage problems under new health exchange 
Making up the rules as they go along: 
  • Politico: Obamacare 2.0: More regulation 
  • Associated Press: 14 MnSure managers paid more than $26,000 in bonuses just after exchange’s launch 
  • Associated Press: Employees at health care call centre sue company, saying they were forced to work unpaid OT 
Confusion, disappointment, and distrust: 
  • Boston Herald: Drug companies warn innovation could suffer under Obamacare 
  • CBS News: Obamacare deadline still unclear to majority of Americans 
  • CNN Money: Obamacare deadbeats: Some don’t pay up 
  • Kentucky Enquirer: Senator Mitch McConnell op-ed: Obamacare not working for Kentuckians