ObamaCare Week in Review: Not-So-"Wonderful" Headlines

 Democrat Denial:

  • Washington Post: President says Obamacare ‘doing what it’s designed to do’
  • Forbes: The NY Times Tries – And Fails –  To Protect Obamacare From Health Insurance ‘Rate Shock’
  • The Hill: Dem anxiety over ObamaCare shows

ObamaCare Driving Up Costs:

  • Boston Globe: National health care overhaul apt to push up costs
  • Bloomberg: A Pillar of Obamacare’s Cost-Saving Effort Falls Short
  • Indianapolis Star: State says Obamacare will force 72 percent increase in individual insurance plan rates
  • McClatchy News: Obama boasts of health care savings, but costs likely to rise for many

ObamaCare Crushing Jobs:

  • Politico: Mandate delay a ‘full time’ headache for employers
  • CNN Money: Obamacare delay passes insurance burden onto workers

ObamaCare’s Broken Promises:

  • Forbes: Labor Unions: Obamacare Will ‘Shatter’ Our Health Benefits, Cause ‘Nightmare Scenarios’
  • Forbes: The Devastating Obamacare Tax on Low Income Workers at Large Firms
  • WBIR: Oneida schools say federal law forced insurance cuts
  • Politico: Obamacare penalties spawn ‘skinny’ plans

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