2.5 Million

Outlook for American workers just got worse:

  • New York Post: Congressional Budget Office sends death blow to ObamaCare
  • Washington Post: Health-care law will prompt over 2 million to quit jobs or cut hours, a CBO report says
  • CNBC: CBO nearly triples estimate of working hours lost by 2021 due to Affordable Care Act
  • CNN Money: Obamacare may prompt people to work less
  • Politico: Obamacare and jobs: CBO adds fuel to fire
  • The Hill: O-Care will cost 2.5M workers by 2024
  • Real Clear Politics: White House: 2.5 Million Fewer Workers From Obamacare A “Small Percentage Of Economy”
  • Forbes: White House: It’s A Good Thing That Obamacare Will Drive 2.5 Million Americans Out Of The Workforce

Sticker shock for middle-class families & small businesses persists:

  • Washington Post: In rural Georgia, federal health insurance marketplace proves unaffordable to many
  • BuzzFeed: A Fry Cook Asked Obama About Low Wages—And His Hours Being Cut Due To Obamacare
  • MedCity News: California State students think health insurance is too expensive
  • WALB: South Georgians pay more in health insurance premiums
  • Weekly Standard: AOL CEO: ‘Obamacare Is an Additional $7.1 Million Expense For Us’
  • Reuters: Aetna to lose money on Obamacare exchanges, CEO says

Doc shock continues:

Democrats’ signature law remains highly unpopular:

  •  Gallup: Majority of Americans Still Disapprove of Healthcare Law
  • WMUR: Poll shows declining support for Affordable Care Act
  • Politico: Poll: 51% disapprove of Obamacare
  • UNH Survey Center: Health Care Law Still Unpopular In NH, Most Think Health Care Costs Will Increase

Enrollment far below expectations:

  • Associated Press: Detroit area ranks high in number of people without health insurance
  • Washington Post: Fewer than 2 million signed up for Medicaid under the health law, report says
  • CNN: Study puts new Medicaid enrollment under Obamacare at fewer than 2 million

Democrats Can Run From ObamaCare Vote, But They Can’t Hide:

  • NH Journal: Shaheen: “Pay more’ to keep your doc,’ won’t say if she’d vote for O-Care again
  • The Hill: NH Dems face fire on ObamaCare
  • Union Leader: Editorial: Shaheen squirms: Can’t escape Obamacare
  • Washington Free Beacon: Oregon Governor Cancels Interview at Last Minute Discussing Obamacare Site’s Failure
  • Weekly Standard: Oregon Gov. Abruptly Cancels Interview After Negative Obamacare Reports
  • Boston Herald: Gov. Patrick calls health website a mess, pushing extension

Remaining problems run the gamut:

  • Washington Post: HealthCare.gov can’t handle appeals of enrollment errors
  • CBS News: 22,000 file appeals with Obamacare site, report says
  • Washington Examiner: Obamacare’s ‘rocky start’ adversely affecting start-up health co-ops
  • Bloomberg: Obama Says Extent of Health Care Website Flaws Unexpected