Drip, Drip, Drip

 More Democrat doubt:

  • The Hill: ObamaCare author: Health law is ‘really complicated’
  • Daily Caller: Obamacare Author: We Shouldn’t Have Passed Obamacare The Way We Did
  • National Interest: Wounded Donkey: The Democratic Party’s Obamacare Disaster
  • The Hill: Dems on ObamaCare: Was it worth it?

 The price tag keeps going up: 

  • AP: HealthCare.gov average premiums going up in 2015
  • Wall Street Journal: More Cost of Health Care Shifts to Consumers
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: Editorial: Boosting costs was Obamacare plan all along
  • Forbes: Op-Ed: A Cadillac (Tax) For Everyone
  • The Post-Standard: Obamacare year 2: Why did my rate go up 17.2 percent?
  • Fiscal Times: High Deductible Plans Have More People Delaying Treatment
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Obamacare’s Future: Cancer Patients Paying More for Medication
  • Gallup: Cost Still a Barrier Between Americans and Medical Care
  • New York Post: Correction officers’ union claims ObamaCare will bankrupt them
  • Washington Free Beacon: Obamacare Calorie Posting Regulations to Cost Industry $1.7 Billion

Not working for Americans: 

  • Washington Post: Kathleen Sebelius: Healthcare.gov was ‘like buying an airline ticket using your fax machine’
  • U.S. News and World Report: Americans Unhappy With Obamacare Shopping Experience
  • The Blaze: Government report says IRS ‘may not be capable’ of detecting Obamacare fraud
  • The Hill: Security flaws found in Obamacare fee calculator
  • New York Post: The president rewrites the ObamaCare law – again