Barrasso: Washington, Wake Up and Smell the Energy

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Barrasso, R.-Wyo., called out Senate Democrats who want us to use less energy but are blocking efforts to find more.


“We’ve seen the same old responses from the other side of the aisle: more taxation, more regulation, and more litigation,” Barrasso said on the Senate floor today. “It is not simply the soaring prices – but America ’s reliance, our dependency, on foreign imports.


Congressional leadership is opposed to even debating increased American exploration and production.”


“We can do better and we can do so with an environmental safety net,” Barrasso said, referring to recent technological developments in oil and gas exploration and development. 


Pointing to Wyoming’s role in American energy production and transmission, Barrasso said, “Wyoming is doing its part to contribute to America ’s energy needs. We are the largest producer of coal; the largest producer of uranium; the second largest source of on-shore natural gas and we have world class wind resources.”


Referring to the Senate leadership’s continuous blocking of debate on bills that would increase American energy supplies, Barrasso said, “Our country deserves better… our children deserve better.”


“The people of Wyoming want meaningful solutions.”