Ensign Wants All Energy Solutions Debated

Washington, D.C. – Senator John Ensign released the following statement after the Senate voted to continue debating solutions to our nation’s energy crisis:
“Our approach to solving this energy crisis must include more energy efficiency and conservation; expanded renewable and alternative energy; and domestic energy exploration and production to secure our long-term energy needsLimiting ourselves to only one of these areas will not provide the necessary relief that Americans need. 
The people in this country simply cannot afford for Congress to sit on their hands and pick and choose which ideas will be heard on this issue.  All options, all ideas, all arguments need to be on the table.  It’s time for Congress to represent the American people and do something about the gas prices that are gripping family budgets across our nation.
“Addressing oil speculation will not solve this crisis; increasing our oil supply to satisfy demand will.  Instead of sending $700 billion overseas every year, we should be investing in the resources we have right here because they can make us energy independent.  Let’s not miss this opportunity again.”