Pain at the Pump: The Obama Economy Isn’t Working

  • This week is the fourth straight week of record-high gas prices for the month of September.
  • Gasoline prices have more than doubled since President Obama took office.
  • In 2008, then-Senator Obama promised that his energy policies would make costs “skyrocket.”  As president, his failed energy policies have kept that promise.
  • Senate Republicans continue to offer solutions to reduce prices at the pump.

President Obama’s policies have led to record gas prices:

  • President Obama continues to block the Keystone XL pipeline and the 20,000 jobs it would create.
  • Under President Obama’s failed leadership, oil production from federal areas dropped 14 percent in 2011, and his five-year leasing plan prohibits oil and gas exploration off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. 
  • President Obama’s “Tier 3” gasoline standards will increase the cost of producing gasoline by 9 cents per gallon.

Senate Republicans continue to offer solutions to reduce families’ pain at the pump:

  • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which will create thousands of jobs and strengthen America’s energy security
  • Open more offshore and onshore areas and streamline permitting to increase production
  • Stop expensive federal regulations that are driving up the cost of energy