Alexander Votes Against 53 Cent-Per-Gallon Gasoline Tax Increase

Opposes the “Wrong Climate Change Legislation” That Failed Today in Senate

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today voted against the Boxer Climate Tax bill, which would have caused already record-high prices at the pump to increase to historic levels. Alexander said that the Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that the legislation would have eventually lead to a 53 cent-per-gallon gasoline cost increase for the average American family.

“The Senate today rejected moving ahead with a 53 cent-per-gallon gas tax increase,” said Alexander. “The Boxer Climate Tax bill was the wrong way to deal with a real problem. The right way is a new Manhattan Project for clean energy independence to deal with high gas prices, high electric prices, clean air, climate change, and the national security implications of overdependence on foreign oil.”

Alexander, who since 2003 has sponsored several bills to reduce power plant pollution, said, “I’ve proposed limits on power plant emissions, but limiting fuel production is the wrong approach that just would add 53 cents-per-gallon to the cost of gasoline over time without reducing carbon emissions. A better way to meet America’s energy needs while protecting our environment is a new Manhattan Project for clean energy independence. By focusing on new technologies and emerging fuel-saving ideas like plug-in cars, we’ll limit our impact on the environment without breaking family budgets.”

After four full days of debate on the Boxer Climate Tax bill, the legislation received 48 votes. Under Senate rules, 60 votes were required.