Senate 'Compromise' Stimulus Increases Spending in Over 130 Programs

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) claims that his proposed compromise "trimmed the fat, fried the bacon and milked the sacred cows" from the widely-ridiculed House "porkulus."

But a closer look at the new 778-page bill (based on information available on Sen. Nelson's site) reveals that the new Nelson-Collins compromise increases spending on over 130 government programs over the original House bill.

Among other new spending, the Nelson-Collins compromise includes a new $2 billion addition for FutureGen, which was championed by former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and National Review said could be one of the largest earmarks ever passed:
So in effect the inclusion of $2 billion for a near zero emissions powerplant amounts to a staggering earmark—one that's nine times the cost of the bridge to nowhere. It's also substantially larger than Congress' previous earmark record of $1.5 billion for the DC metro system last year.

After FutureGen was abandoned, disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich paid Cassidy and Associates, a major Washington, D.C. lobbying firm, $468,000 in public funds to lobby to restart the project. The Illinois delegation in Congress has also been pushing hard for the FutureGen earmark, despite the fact that the Obama administration has been vocal about their opposition to earmarks in the stimulus, and has even specfically said they are oppposed to including funding for FutureGen in the bill.