Awkward Family Dinner

 For Democrats, here’s to an awkward family dinner:

  • Washington Post: Schumer: Democrats ‘blew’ opportunity by focusing on ‘wrong problem’ – health care
  • Forbes: Sen. Chuck Schumer: Obamacare Focused ‘On The Wrong Problem,’ Ignores The Middle Class
  • Bloomberg: Democrats Erred by Acting on Health Care in 2010, Schumer Says
  • Roll Call: Schumer: Health Care Distracted Democrats From the Middle Class
  • Politico: Chuck Schumer joins criticism chorus

 For American people, there’s not much to be thankful for: 

  • Townhall: Obamacare: Most-Used Plans Face Double-Digit Average Premium Increases
  • WVNY/WFFF: Obamacare Premiums To Go Up in 2015
  • WOAI: High Drug Costs, Obamacare, Putting Squeeze on Private Cancer Specialists
  • Townhall: Obamacare Twice as Likely to Hurt Americans than Help
  • CBS DC: Some States Imposing Fees On Obamacare Plans Sold On Marketplaces
  • Washington Times: Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers
  • CT Mirror: For Obamacare clients and some uninsured, tax time may get complicated
  • Politico: Push for more openness after Obamacare data mix-up

For additional information, visit ObamaCare: Four Years of Broken Promises.