Bennett Successfully Includes Amendment to Prevent Tax Increase on Charitable Contributions

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) today successfully included an amendment to the Budget Resolution that would prevent Congress from raising taxes on charitable contributions to pay for health care reform.

"The Senate sent a clear message to the president that we do not support increasing taxes on charitable contributions to try to cover the costs of health care reform," said Bennett. "Charities benefit greatly from the donations made by individuals in this income bracket and raising taxes on these contributions would be a disservice to Americans and the millions of charities across the country."

President Obama's budget outline includes a proposal to reduce the tax rate at which taxpayers earning above $250,000 can take itemized deductions to offset health care reform. In a primetime press conference last week, the president reiterated his support for this plan to limit tax deductions on charitable contributions. The Bennett amendment adds a provision to the Budget Resolution's health care reserve fund that prohibits Congress from reducing charitable deductions to offset the costs of modifying the health care system.

Bennett's amendment to the Budget Resolution passed unanimously in the Senate.

Attached is a copy of the amendment.