DeMint Opposes Budget that Grows Government, Not the Economy

Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint made the following statement after voting against the $3.5 trillion Democrat budget:

“This budget is focused on growing government, not growing jobs,” said Senator Jim DeMInt. “We cannot tax our way out of recession, spend our way to prosperity or borrow our way out of debt. This budget puts us on an unsustainable fiscal path that will make it harder for our economy to recover and more difficult for Americans to prosper.

“This budget triples our national debt over ten years to more than $17 trillion while ignoring the entitlement crisis ahead. In February, Social Security paid out more in benefits than it took in from payroll taxes for the first time in history, yet this budget does nothing to ensure seniors’ retirement security. The cost to pay the promised benefits on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other federal programs is staggering and could exceed $67 trillion. These unfunded obligations add up to a bill of $603,000 for every American household.

“It’s time for Washington to stop spending away our children’s future and return our government to the limited and constitutional role our founders intended. America didn’t become the world’s economic superpower by allowing Washington to centrally manage our economy and punish success through high taxes. America’s greatness was achieved by a free people using free markets that reward innovation, competition and hard work.”