Inhofe Votes to Keep Senate Focused on Bringing Down Gas Prices

Democrats Appear to Be Running on Empty When it Comes to Solutions to High Energy Costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today voted in favor of keeping the Senate focused on working to provide serious solutions to bringing down the price of gas at the pump. The Senate Majority leader attempted today to call up consideration of S. 3297, Advancing America's Priorities Act.  Doing so would have allowed Senator Reid to permanently move away from the pending business, S.3268, the Energy Speculation Bill. The Majority leader’s move comes just days after he attempted to block all Senators from offering amendments to the Speculators bill.  

“When it comes to providing solutions for soaring energy prices, the Democrats appear to be running on empty,” Senator Inhofe said. “Why else, with just days to go before Congress leaves for its five week August recess, would Senate Democrats be looking for any other issue than gas prices to bring up on the Floor of the Senate? I am proud to stand with my Republican colleagues to ensure the Senate stays focused on the most critical issue facing our constituents – bringing down the price of gas at the pump. If the Democrats are out of ideas, the Republicans have plenty to offer. 

“The fact is we need to expand refinery capacity and to open the nation's access to the Outer Continental Shelf, ANWR, and the oil shales. Today's American oil producer operates with the most sophisticated environmental technologies and policies on the planet. 67 percent of the American people recognize the need for development and are supporting action. The time for the Democratic Party's obstruction is over. Why should producing America's own resources be a partisan issue? It shouldn't be, but it is. The Democrats in Congress refuse to increase our supply of energy. The American public must demand that the Democrats in Congress allow us to produce our own resources.”  


Inhofe Delivers Senate Floor Speech On The Need To Increase American Energy Production – July 23, 2008 Excerpt: "The question must be asked: Why should producing America's own resources be a partisan issue? It shouldn't be, but it is. The Democrats in Congress refuse to increase our supply of energy... and gas prices keep rising. Last month President Bush called on Congressional Democratic leaders to act on a four-point plan to bring down gasoline prices and increase America's oil and gas production. The President's four points correctly focus on expanding exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), opening ANWR, developing America's oil shales, and expanding refining capacity.” 

Democrats Attempt to Shut Down Energy Debate Fails – July 25, 2008 Excerpt: "Today's vote shows that Republicans are willing to stand up and fight to ensure the Senate stays focused on providing solutions to rising energy prices," Senator Inhofe said. "When Democrats allow the Senate to reopen for business on the issue of bringing down energy costs, I am ready to put forward amendments to encourage the development of natural gas vehicles, prolong the feasibility and production from our marginal oil and gas wells, address the market distorting subsidization of fuels in other countries, and repeal federal prohibitions on importing fuels from the Canadian oil sands…Republicans in the Senate are serious about providing solutions to rising energy costs. I will continue to stand with my Republican colleagues to ensure the Senate holds a fair and open debate on the need to increase energy supplies.  I believe a large majority of Senators will vote in favor of amendments to open responsible access to America's plentiful energy resources.  Democratic leadership knows this as well.  That's why they're blocking a full and open debate."  

Democrats Turn Out the Lights - July 23, 2008 Excerpt: "As American families continue to suffer from high gas prices, Democrats once again denied Senators the ability to debate and offer amendments addressing our crucial energy need, which proves they are not serious about addressing gasoline prices," Senator Inhofe said. "As the most important issue facing Congress, Democrats are dictating a closed process in an effort to deny votes on real solutions. We need to have votes on off-shore drilling; Rocky Mountain oil shales; promoting domestic natural gas as a transportation fuel; repealing section 526 of 2007’s energy bill – which would preserve America’s ability to import fuels from Canadian oil sands. America demands more from Congress." Read More...  

Oklahoman Editorial: Pump Politics: Gas Prices Stay High As Senate Fiddles –July 28, 2008 Excerpt: It's the price at the pump, stupid! When Congress breaks for its August recess, their constituents likely will greet them with that phrase - or something like it. The high cost of gasoline is foremost on most peoples' minds…The Senate should be talking about big solutions to the big problem. One we like is Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe's proposal to help make compressed natural gas more readily available as a transportation fuel. But that's not on the Senate leadership's agenda. Neither is drilling offshore or in Alaska. Most Democrats are against adding new supply, but their excuses are having a harder time with the gasoline-buying public. Maybe some time at home next month with angry voters will open their ears.  

Oklahoma Papers Agree: Time to Drill Offshore – July 17, 2008 Excerpt: The Tulsa World writes in an editorial today, The Search,” that “President George W. Bush made the correct decision when he lifted the White House's 18-year ban on offshore drilling… No one wants the environment damaged. This work can be done safely. It could help in the long term, if only Congress had the good sense to act.” The Oklahoma, in a Wednesday, July 16 editorial Energy Ante: Bush Dares Congress To Keep Saying No writes: “Democrats reacted to President Bush's lifting of an executive ban on offshore oil drilling by vowing to keep in place congressional prohibitions dating to the 1980s. The debate over energy policy just keeps getting better and better. For years the Democratic Party has blocked efforts to significantly increase production of American sources of offshore oil and natural gas, citing potential danger to beaches in California and Florida and dismissing any new oil finds as too far in the future to help U.S. energy needs. Both arguments have less persuasive steam with the current oil prices. Certainly, if drilling offshore had gotten under way a decade or more ago — instead of being stymied — Americans know it would be online now and helping to absorb some of the current price increase.”  

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