Democrats Try to Push ObamaCare Pain Beyond Elections

Campaigner-in-chief moves deadline out of election season: 

  • USA Today: Mitch McConnell: Political games prompt delays 
  • Washington Examiner: HHS extends ‘fix’ for plans cancelled due to Obamacare through October 2016, alters bailout to insurers 
  • Washington Post: Obama administration rewrites some health-care policies 
  • New York Times: Consumers Allowed to Keep Health Plans for Two More Years 
  • CBS News: Obamacare’s “keep your plan” fix to be extended 
  • Washington Post: Americans will be able to keep old insurance plans longer under rewrite of health-care rules 
  • The Hill: 27 Democrats support House GOP measure to delay ObamaCare penalty 
  • Fox News: Administration to extend ObamaCare ‘keep your plan’ fix for canceled health plans 
  • Bloomberg: Obama Said to Allow Two-Year Renewal for Old Health Plans 
  • The Hill: New O-Care delay to help midterm Dems

 Americans continue to “just say no” to ObamaCare:   

  • Washington Post: New health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans, two surveys find 
  • StarTribune: Study: Medicaid sign-ups under health law a fraction of what admin has suggested 
  • National Journal: HHS Doesn’t Know How Many Uninsured Are Signing Up for Obamacare 
  • Daily Caller: Obama administration not keeping track of how many uninsured people are signing up for Obamacare 
  • MedCity News: Avalere Health says Obamacare numbers are way off 
  • Obamacare Enrollment Still Lags Far Behind Target
  • The Hill: Pressure rises as O-Care deadline nears 

 Costs soar for Americans, employers: 

  • WRAL: Health care law could cost UNC system $46M 
  • Weekly Standard: Obamacare ‘Little Help’ for Woman With Prosthetic Leg 
  • Bloomberg: Insurers’ Obamacare Losses May Reach $5.5 Billion in 2015 
  • Washington Examiner: Insurers participating in Obamacare ‘very worried,’ industry consultant says 

 More collateral damage: 

  • FOX News: Home Health Cuts Threaten Thousands of Jobs 
  • The Oregonian: Cover Oregon health insurance exchange fiasco spawns problems for low-income Oregonians’ health plan 
  • Gallup: Number of Americans Saying ACA Has Hurt Them Inches Up 
  • Fox News: Fox News poll: Voters pessimistic, scared about ObamaCare 
  • Wall Street Journal: Obama Health Budget Seeks Funds for Health-Law Rollout, Doctor Training 
  • Bloomberg: U.S. Health Insurance Regulator Gary Cohen to Resign 
  • New York Times: Official at Helm of Federal Health Marketplace Is Resigning 
  • BuzzFeed: Nearly 10,000 Las Vegas Casino Workers Might Go On Strike Because Of Obamacare
  • Weekly Standard: Man Signs Up for Obamacare, Unknowingly Signed for Worthless Child Plan