Labor Union Angst Overflows

 Unions bail on ObamaCare:

  • Forbes: Labor Leader: Obamacare ‘Needs To Be Repealed’ If Union Demands Aren’t Met
  • CBS News: AFL-CIO: Obamacare implementation “highly disruptive”
  • AP: AFL-CIO Steps up Criticism of Health Care Law
  • Politico: AFL-CIO demands changes to Obamacare
  • The Hill: AFL-CIO nearing formal criticism of ObamaCare
  • State-level labor unions line up behind AFL-CIO to oppose parts of Obamacare
  • The Hill: Labor unions ready to go on record as calling for changes to ObamaCare
  • Bloomberg: Call to Change Obama’s Health Law Opens Rift With Labor

 Higher premiums ahead:

  • AP: Middle class family braces for higher premiums
  • KOKH: Obamacare causes Oklahoma insurance rates to skyrocket
  • KOB: Uncertainty remains regarding healthcare cost
  • AP: GOP warns Americans of health care ‘sticker shock’
  • AP: Health Costs Likely Rising For Many Self-Employed
  • AP: Costs worry woman, 26, who wants health insurance
  • CBS DC: Cancer Patient’s Bill Soars As ‘Obamacare’ Pre-Existing Condition Program Falters
  • Los Angeles Times: Consumers could be surprised at tax time due to federal health law

 ObamaCare’s high costs are costing jobs:

  • Fox Business: With Eye on ObamaCare, Companies Move to Cut Workers’ Hours
  • Huffington Post: Trader Joe’s To Drop Health Coverage For Part-Time Workers Under Obamacare
  • IBD: ObamaCare Costs Will Explode; Trader Joe’s Shows Why
  • Daily Caller: SeaWorld cutting part-time workers hours, will avoid Obamacare requirements
  • Weekly Standard: Obamacare Medical Device Tax Causes One Company to Lay Off Over 1,000 People

 These headlines speak for themselves …

  • NBC News: Even doctors are clueless on Obamacare, poll finds
  • Politico: Poll: Obamacare opposition climbs
  • Reuters: Obamacare exchanges seen headed for ‘rocky’ enrollment start: expert
  • CNN Money: Big insurers ditch Obamacare exchanges
  • Washington Post: Using Obamacare as bait, scam artists target consumers and business owners
  • AP: Groups race to hire, train ‘Obamacare’ guides

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