October Jobs Report: 7.9%

Unemployment Higher Than When the President Took Office

  • The October unemployment report confirms that the Obama economy isn’t working.
  • Since President Obama took office, the number of unemployed Americans has increased by over 200,000, and the unemployment rate has increased to 7.9 percent.
  • President Obama’s policies have led to the worst recovery since WWII.

Another Disappointing Jobs Report:

  • 23 million Americans remain out of work or underemployed, and 5 million have remained out of work for over a year.
  • Over 580,000 manufacturing jobs and over 1 million construction jobs have disappeared since Obama took office.
  • The number of unemployed women has increased by over 600,000 since President Obama took office.
  • The unemployment rate among young Americans has increased from 12.4 percent to 13.2 percent since President Obama took office.

Americans Deserve a Real Recovery:

  • The president promised his nearly $1-trillion failed stimulus bill would have reduced unemployment below 5.5 percent by now.  Today’s unemployment rate is 7.9 percent, which is a difference of more than 9 million jobs. 
  • The labor force participation rate remains near a 30-year low at just 63.8 percent.
  • Small businesses continue to rank taxes, government regulations, and red tape as their biggest challenges, yet President Obama continues to push for higher taxes and regulations on job creators.   

Worst Recovery Since WWII:

  • President Obama’s policies have led to the worst recovery in the developed world since 1970.