Barrasso Outlines American Energy Security Improvements

WASHINGTON – On the floor of the Senate, U.S. Senator John Barrasso , R-Wyo., outlined solutions for American energy self-sufficiency incorporating his vision for a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment. 

“There needs to be a balance between meeting America ’s need for energy and protecting our environment,” Barrasso said. “No matter how you slice it, clean coal technology fits that bill. Coal is an abundant, affordable, reliable and secure energy source. The key to American energy independence and significantly reducing greenhouse emissions lies with advancing clean coal technology and carbon sequestration.”

Under a Barrasso amendment, $40 billion will be spent on carbon capture technologies. An additional $10 billion will be directed toward large-scale carbon storage projects.

Barrasso’s amendment also calls for a partnership between the federal government and private industry to fund research and technological innovations.

America needs to make a serious and substantial investment in research and developing commercial technology.  In order to achieve energy security and a clean environment, the federal government must demonstrate its commitment with financial support.”

The amendment establishes a timetable for new projects over the next 10 years. It would direct Washington to provide incentives through loan guarantees, incremental cost-sharing or electricity production payments.

“This plan is reasonable, rational, aggressive and achievable. Without investment in clean coal, high heating and cooling bills will ripple through the economy."

“This amendment contributes to a real solution to today’s surging energy prices. American exploration and investment in American technology is important for the future of America’s energy and America’s economy.”