Promises, Promises

    Weren’t premiums supposed to go down?
      • Washington Times: Five million Americans in for premium spikes if Obamacare challenge is successful
      • Forbes: Opinion: Women-Owned Businesses Hit Hard By ObamaCare Tax
        Wasn’t access supposed to go up?
          • KERA: Patients With Low-Cost Insurance Struggle To Find Specialists
          • US News: How Obamacare Is Failing Me
            A broken system:
              • Weekly Standard: Obamacare Navigators, ‘Assisters’ Helped Fewer Than Two People Per Day
              • WBAL: Flaws found in health exchange coming to Maryland
              • Washington Post: Why we still don’t know how many small businesses signed up through Obamacare
              • Affordable Care Act may result in more, not fewer ER visits, studies suggest
              • Washington Post: The administration just took Obamacare away from the territories