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 Weekly Outlook:   

 This week is the fourth week of a five-week work period. The Senate convened at 2:00 p.m. today and resumed consideration of H.R. 3606, the House-passed JOBS Act, at 4:30 p.m. There will be no votes during today’s session.

 Senator Reid filed the following three cloture petitions last week:

  1. Cloture on amendment #1833 (Reed substitute),
  2. Cloture on amendment #1836 (Related to the Export-Import Bank), and
  3. Cloture on the underlying bill, H.R. 3606.

Tomorrow before lunch the Senate is expected to vote on the Reed substitute, which is unlikely to obtain cloture. The Senate is then expected to vote on cloture on the Export-Import Bank amendment. If cloture is invoked, then up to 30 hours of debate could follow, potentially delaying the next cloture vote unless the time is yielded back. Thus, the final cloture vote could occur on Wednesday.  

Upon completion of H.R. 3606, Senator Reid is expected to turn to postal reform or, more likely, the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

 House Budget Chairman Ryan is expected to release his budget tomorrow, followed by a markup in committee on Wednesday and House floor consideration next week.

Next scheduled Senate recess:  April 2 – April 13.

Next scheduled House recess:  April 2 – April 13.

 What’s Being Said – Senate Republican Conference & Senate Republican Communications Center:

 SRC Video Clips:

 The Obama Presidency: High Gas Prices, More Debt, High Unemployment  (#PainAtThePump, #HeMadeItWorse, #ObamaEconomy, #KXL4Jobs)

Senators featured in this video (in order of appearance): Johnson, Coburn, Toomey, Ayotte, Cornyn, Barrasso, Coats, Hutchison, Grassley, Chambliss, McConnell, Kyl, Thune, Vitter, Blunt, Lee, Boozman, Alexander, Portman, Hoeven, Lugar, Sessions, Isakson

 SRC Policy Note:

Obamacare Two Years Later: Broken Promises Have Made Things Worse

      During the Obamacare debate, Democrats and President Obama claimed that the 2,000-page legislation would lower health care costs, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, protect Medicare, and allow Americans to keep their health care plans. Two years later, it's clear that not one of those promises will be kept. Instead of lowering costs and creating jobs, Obamacare will: 

  • Drive up families’ health insurance premiums by $2,100,
  • Force cash-strapped states to shoulder more than $100 billion in new Medicaid costs,
  • Take more than half a trillion dollars from Medicare,
  • Encourage employers to drop health care coverage for up to 35 million Americans, and
  • Result in 800,000 fewer jobs over the next decade. 
  • It's time to repeal Obamacare and replace it with commonsense, step-by-step reforms that will actually lower costs.


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