Nothing to Celebrate

One year later, website woes persist:

o Washington Examiner: Obamacare’s website still faces hurdles as year two approaches
o Daily Caller: 2.0 Still Won’t Show Whether Your Doctor’s Covered
o Wall Street Journal: Delays Web Host Switch
o PBS: A year after rollout, law remains unpopular
o AP: Gov’t Website For Doc Payments Not Up To Snuff

Costs continue to rise:

o Minneapolis Star Tribune: MNsure premiums to increase in 2015
o WJLA: Medicare Advantage plan costs rising for 2015 due to Obamacare
o New York Times: Costs Can Go Up Fast When E.R. Is in Network but the Doctors Are Not
o CNN Money: Hospitals asks patients to pay upfront
o Forbes: Massachusetts ObamaCare Website Transition To Cost Taxpayers Over $1B
o Wall Street Journal: Hundreds of Thousands Face Health Law Subsidy Deadline
o Investor’s Business Daily: Next Big Bailout May Go To ObamaCare Health Insurers
o Washington Times: Op-Ed: One family’s Obamacare nightmare

If you like your plan, you can …?

o KOAT Albuquerque: BlueCross BlueShield NM discontinues some insurance plans
o The Hill: More plan cancellations coming before the elections
o Washington Post: Insurers poised to cancel health plans that don’t comply with Affordable Care Act
o Albuquerque Journal: Health insurance cancellations coming for about 30,000 in New Mexico

Narrowing networks:

o LA Times: Obamacare doctor networks to stay limited in 2015
o Daily Caller: GAO: Competition, Regulations Drive Smaller Providers From Obamacare Exchanges
o Townhall: Access Shock: California’s Shrinking Obamacare Coverage Networks
o Wall Street Journal: Health-Law Coverage Expansion Gets Tougher

A drag on the economy:

o Washington Free Beacon: Idaho School District Forced To Reduce Hours Because of Obamacare
o Wall Street Journal: Bosses Face Affordable Care Act Deadline
o Townhall: Obamacare’s Job Killing Employer Mandate
o Wall Street Journal: Op-Ed: ObamaCare’s Anti-Innovation Effect