Burr Statement on the Stimulus Conference Report

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) released the following statement after voting against the economic “stimulus” conference report earlier this evening:
“The economic stimulus legislation presented for a vote tonight in the Senate does not meet the economic challenges we are facing. In typical Washington fashion, we have thrown together a hastily-written bill with little public input, little debate, and very little thought about the long-term consequences of what we are passing. By spending nearly a trillion dollars on projects that expand the government but provide little to no stimulus, we are ensuring a massive debt for our grandchildren.
“We all agree that we need to act to get our economy turned around and back on the right track, but instead of fixing housing first and giving individuals, families, and small businesses the freedom to know they would keep more of their own money, we have chosen to spend now and ask questions later. This was the wrong course of action, and that is why I could not support this bill.”