• Following his 5,000-mile campaign-style road show, the president will finally sit down with congressional leaders tomorrow to discuss his sequester – on the very day it goes into effect.
  • For the past 18 months, President Obama has been missing in action.
  • Meanwhile, congressional Republicans have passed two bills – the first of them almost 300 days ago – to replace the president’s sequester with more responsible spending reforms. 
  • If the president were serious about responsibly replacing his sequester cuts, he would have come to the table a long time ago.
  • Americans understand that Washington doesn’t tax too little, it spends too much.
  • Federal spending has increased nearly 20 percent since 2008. Surely Washington can find common-sense ways to cut 2.4 percent of a $3.5 trillion budget.
  • Even with the sequester, the government will still spend more in 2013 than it did last year ($3.553 compared to $3.538 trillion).