Bond at Energy Hearing: It is Not OK to Deny New Energy Supplies to the American People

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Kit Bond at today’s Senate energy hearing stressed that it’s not ok to deny new energy supplies to the American people.  Bond urged Congress to reject bogus energy plans and take real action to increase offshore production and lower gas prices for Americans struggling with high gas prices.
          “As the financial crisis rages from Wall Street to Main Street, our energy crisis continues to ravage family budgets and worker payrolls across the country,” said Bond.  “Just as only true reform and change will end our financial crisis, only true reform and change will end our energy crisis.  We must change the idea that it is ok to deny new energy supplies to the American people and reform the idea that we will accept Band-Aid solutions or half measures.”
          The Senate Republican Conference’s hearing today focused on drilling for offshore domestic energy supplies in an environmentally safe way.  The hearing brought together environmental and industry experts.  These experts testified on cutting-edge drilling technologies, environmentally-safe drilling methods, and the offshore supply potential that could drive down high gas prices for American families.
          Truckers, farmers, and families across the nation are suffering because of high gas prices and Bond emphasized that he is not willing to provide only limited relief from the current pain at the pump.  It is unacceptable for Congress to provide only a little bit of new oil supplies and to deny the American people most of the new offshore oil available for production. 
            Unfortunately, some in Congress are more interested in passing sham proposals that in reality fail to open up the American energy supplies we need to bring gas price relief to American families.  He pointed to the Pelosi plan that passed the House earlier this week, which leaves 97 percent of West Coast oil reserves off limits to new production.  Also, the “Gang of 10” proposal in the Senate would leave 70 percent of offshore oil areas off limits to new production.  Bond urged his colleagues to reject these bogus proposals and pass real energy solutions.