Democrats’ Push for Higher Energy Taxes Will Increase Prices at the Pump

Democrats’ Push for Higher Energy Taxes Will Increase Prices at the Pump

 Top Points

  • Raising taxes on American energy producers will increase prices at the pump, destroy jobs, and make America more dependent on foreign oil.
  • President Obama’s “None of the Above” energy policies are hurting middle-class families and small businesses.
  • The Democrats’ response to high gas prices has been to delay the Keystone pipeline, beg Saudi Arabia for more oil, and raise taxes on American energy producers.
  • Raising taxes on America’s energy producers is not an energy plan.
  • Republicans support an “All of the Above” energy policy to boost domestic supply through projects like the Keystone pipeline, reduce our dependency on the Middle East, and make energy more affordable.


Higher Energy Taxes Will Raise Prices at the Pump

  • Gasoline prices have more than doubled on President Obama’s watch.  Skyrocketing gas prices are hurting middle-class families and small businesses, and the Democrats’ higher energy taxes would make things worse.                                                    Taxes Production Jobs
  • Senate Democrats and President Obama continue to propose increasing taxes on domestic energy companies, which will destroy jobs, decrease production, and hurt consumers. 
  • In March 2011, the Congressional Research Service stated that the president’s proposals for higher taxes “would make oil and natural gas more expensive for U.S. consumers and likely increase foreign dependence.”

Senate Republicans Support a Real “All of the Above” Energy Strategy 

  • Senate Republicans continue to push for the approval of the entire Keystone pipeline, increased access to federal areas, and streamlined permitting, and will continue to fight higher taxes that increase the cost of energy.
  • Republicans support more domestic production to help lower prices at the pump and create more American jobs.