ObamaCare: Bad Medicine for a Struggling Economy

Fewer hours, lost wages, dropped coverage: 

  • El Paso Inc.: Obamacare impact: Cutting hours, going part time
  • The Hill: Target announces it will drop part-time employees from its healthcare plan
  • Forbes: Obamacare’s Middle-Income Trap

 Young adults hit hard by the Obama economy:

  • The Hill: Study: Young adults lack incentive to buy ObamaCare coverage

 So I can’t keep my doctor?

  • Weekly Standard: After Enrolling in Obamacare, California Woman Can’t Find Doctor
  • Right Scoop: Obamacare causes cancer patient to lose doctors and have treatment delayed

 ObamaCare makes little headway on uninsured:

  • Roll Call: Obamacare Not Making Progress on Uninsured

 Deal turns sour:

  • CNBC: Aetna could be forced out of Obamacare: CEO
  • USA Today: Co-ops the underdog in health insurance marketplace
  • The Hill: Insurers downgraded on Obamacare fears
  • Iowa Republican: Braley’s Deficit Workshop Groups Tell Him to Repeal Obamacare
  • The Hill: Liberal groups: O-Care breaking voting law
  • The Hill: Poll: Obama gets low marks on healthcare

 Frustrated Americans exhausted by faulty exchanges:

  • KVVU: 115 days after payment, NV woman awaits insurance
  • Fox News: ‘Parallel universe’: Woman spends 6 weeks trying to disenroll from ObamaCare
  • Fox News: Maryland’s ObamaCare website sent customers to Seattle pottery store
  • Star Tribune: Optum: MNsure managed by ‘crisis mode,’ IT system in disarray
  • The Hill: Document: ObamaCare contractor faces mid-March deadline or disaster
  • Boston Herald: Web glitches hurt Obamacare-created health insurer
  • The Oregonian: Cover Oregon: Health exchange failure predicted, but tech watchdogs’ warnings fell on deaf ears

 More security risks revealed:

  • Washington Free Beacon: Computer Security Expert: Obamacare Website Security ‘Much Worse Off’ Than Before
  • Washington Post: VA software glitch exposed veterans’ personal information
  • Weekly Standard: Opportunistic Marketers Exploit Opening at Healthcare.gov

For additional information, visit ObamaCare: Three Years of Broken Promises.