"Foundation of Lies"

Does the Obama administration agree?

 ObamaCare enrollment 2.0: Higher costs and more confusion 

  • CBS Money Watch: Obamacare 2015: Higher costs, higher penalties
  • AP: New York health exchange premiums to rise
  • Wall Street Journal: Surprises Lurk for People Re-Enrolling on HealthCare.gov
  • CBS DC: ‘People Are Going To Be In For A Shock’: Penalty For Uninsured Not Signing Up For Obamacare To More Than Triple
  • Wall Street Journal: Consumers Still Confused Ahead of Health-Care Sign-Ups
  • Reuters: HealthCare.gov may work better, but challenges loom for Obamacare customers
  • MSNBC: Questions and confusion as Obamacare approaches second year

Not meeting expectations: 

  • The Hill: O-Care enrollment lags for small businesses
  • CNBC: Gov’t slashes 2015 Obamacare sign-up forecast by 30%
  • CNN Money: Obamacare enrollment unlikely to meet 2015 goal
  • Washington Post: Health law’s small-business enrollment fell far short of expectations, GAO finds
  • Wall Street Journal: Health-Law Enrollment in 2015 Won’t Meet Forecast
  • USA Today: Rural hospitals in critical condition