The September Issue

Pages of false advertising:

Not a model for economic growth:

  • Townhall: CBO Report: Obamacare Denting Labor Force
  • Forbes: Op-Ed: Why Can’t People Find A Job? One Big Reason Is Obamacare
  • New York Daily News: Op-Ed: Obamacare curveball
  • Forbes: Op-Ed: How Repealing And Replacing Obamacare Would Help Restore Booming Economic Growth
  • Charleston Daily Mail: Editorial: Critics turned out to be right on Obamacare

Still not runway ready:

  • USA Today: Consumers deal with insurance deadline, site glitches
  • AP: Minnesota exchange acknowledges backlog
  • The Hill: Report: Enrollees still face account problems on
  • Fox News: Another ObamaCare website suffers delays, glitches ahead of launch date
  • Oregonian: Cover Oregon: At least 2,000 Oregonians need to change coverage due to health exchange errors
  • Washington Post: Even a Harvard-educated lawyer has ‘nightmare’ with D.C. health insurance site
  • Washington Post: How you end up spending $800 million on