Bond Statement on President’s Health Care Speech

WASHINGTON, DC –– U.S. Senator Kit Bond tonight issued the following statement after President Obama’s address on health care reform to a joint session of Congress:
“Over August those who were listening heard some straight talk from the American people.
“The American people want health care reform that lowers costs, increases access and improves care, not a government takeover of health care that will increase costs, force millions of Americans off their current health care plan, raise taxes, increase the deficit and put medical decisions in the hands of a government bureaucrat.
“In short, they do not want government to over-reach, over-manage, over-spend. 

“You can repaint an outhouse but it won't change the smell. Americans want more than a new speech, they want a new plan.

“If Democrats in Washington are truly interested in working in a bipartisan way they should scrap their unaffordable plan, start over, and begin with common-sense solutions that both parties support.
“Solutions such as lowering costs for small businesses by allowing them to pool together to provide quality health care like large companies and unions;
“Expanding community health centers;
“Getting rid of junk lawsuits that drive up the cost of health care;
“Preventing insurance companies from denying health care coverage when someone gets sick or because of a preexisting condition;
“Expanding wellness and prevention programs; and
“Enrolling low-income Americans in the health care programs they are already eligible for.

“Now is the time to listen to the American people, not push through a partisan government takeover of health care.  I hope the President and Democrats act on this message.”