ObamaCare Runs Aground

Americans left stranded:
  • Reuters: U.S. says 2.2 million Obamacare enrollees have data problems
  • Politico: 2 million Obamacare enrollees asked for more info
  • ABC News: Obamacare Sign-Up Errors Put Some of 2 Million Enrollees in Jeopardy
  • Daily Caller: Obamacare Data Flaws Jeopardize Coverage for 1 in 4 Sign-ups

 Costs rising coast to coast:

  • CBS St. Louis: Financial Impact of Affordable Care Act Hits Uninsured Patients
  • Boston Globe: Op-ed: Small business picks up Obamacare tab
  • Forbes: Now, Even Your Grandmother Hates Obamacare

 Tangled system proves impossible to navigate:

  • The Hill: CBO throws in the towel on scoring ObamaCare
  • Roll Call: Fiscal Diagnosis Only Gets Tougher for Health Care Law
  • The Fiscal Times: CBO Quietly Drops Forecast That Obamacare Will Cut the Deficit 
  • KATU: 80,000 Cover Oregon customers must re-enroll through federal health insurance exchange
  • Roll Call: The Hidden Failure of Obama’s Health Care Overhaul