Will Democrats ‘Stand Tall’ Next to Crumbling Law?

 Obama and ObamaCare hit new lows:

  • CBS News: Poll: Obamacare support, Obama approval sink to new lows
  • National Journal: Poll: Most Americans Want Obamacare Changed So People Can Keep Current Plans
  • CBS News: Poll: Amid Obamacare skepticism, confidence in Obama wanes
  • ABC News: Botched ACA Rollout Hammers Obama; Job Disapproval Reaches a Career High
  • CNN: Poll suggests Obamacare could have cost Obama second term
  • USA Today: Obama ratings fall over health care problems
  • Gallup: Experiences of Uninsured With Exchanges Mostly Negative
  • National Journal: Poll: Independents Identify More With Republicans on Obamacare
  • The Hill: Obama hits new low with Dems
  • Bloomberg: Obamacare’s Support From Democrats Slips in New Poll
  • Bloomberg: Public Opinion of Obamacare Hits Low on Website Outages

 Sticker shock hits Americans: 

  • USA Today: Sticker shock hits health exchange shoppers
  • Weekly Standard: Woman Hailed by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Can’t Afford Obamacare
  • Fox News: Students suffer ObamaCare sticker shock as premiums soar, plans get cut
  • CNN Money: Missing from Obamacare: Working & middle class
  • Missoulian: Missoula businesses struggle with Affordable Care Act changes

 FALSE: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.” 

  • Time: ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’: Obamacare’s Next Broken Promise?
  • Fox News: Second wave of health plan cancellations looms

 Panic and blame:

  • Washington Post: Can Democrats avoid a circular firing squad on Obamacare? The early signs aren’t promising.
  • USA Today: Obamacare problems: Will heads roll?
  • CBS News: How will Democrats deal with Obamacare’s political fallout?
  • The Hill: O-Care: Pressure grows for heads to roll
  • National Journal: President Obama and His Gang That (Still) Isn’t Shooting Straight
  • Politico: Report warned of HealthCare.gov flaws last spring
  • Reuters: Obama was briefed earlier in year on health website problems
  • Washington Examiner: Emails show White House ‘fear’ of website problems days before launch
  • Washington Post: Private consultants warned of risks before HealthCare.gov’s Oct. 1 launch
  • Bloomberg: Obamacare Consultants Warned of Health Website Failure
  • Politico: Obama laments health care website, IT problems
  • Politico: Kathleen Sebelius watches Obamacare website crash
  • The Hill: Eighth Senate Dem backs O-Care fix

 Americans need a real ObamaCare “fix,” not a political Band-Aid.

  • USA Today: After Obamacare fix, consumers remain uncertain
  • Minnesota Post: Dayton Says Minnesota Will Not Adopt ObamaCare ‘Fix’
  • Yahoo News: Insurance commissioners say Obamacare changes create uncertainty
  • Bloomberg: California Says Obama About-Face on Insurers May Hurt Law
  • The Hill: Rebellion brews over O-Care fix
  • Bloomberg: Obamacare Bailout Sought as Effort Planned to Bypass Site

 November 30? Think again:

  • KDVR: Man Signs Up For His Insurance; His Dog Gets Covered Instead
  • Reuters: Oregon healthcare exchange website never worked, has no subscribers
  • Reno Gazette Journal: National website’s glitches get in way of Health Link’s aim to enroll 20,000 Nevadans
  • Reuters: Some cyber security experts recommend shutting Obamacare site
  • Reuters: Expert to warn Congress of HealthCare.gov security bugs
  • Politico: White House: 2 in 10 won’t be able to use HealthCare.gov
  • Reuters: Days before launch, Obamacare website failed to handle even 500 users

 ObamaCare on life support:

  • CBS News: Is the Affordable Care Act in serious jeopardy?
  • Politico: Obamacare tradeoffs: Now they tell us …
  • Politico: Obamacare: So, what could go wrong next?

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